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1h Ago
RT @fotoole: Another reason to be cheerful is that Ireland is the first Anglophone country to face the full panoply of Trump/Brexit/Bannon…
0 Favorites 2573 Retweets
RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: Conservative Central Office has launched an effective campaign to hold to account MPs whose constituents voted leave b…
0 Favorites 2415 Retweets
RT @JamesMelville: My father taught me this basic moral assessment that is Brexit in a nutshell: "If you tell the truth, it becomes part o…
0 Favorites 1574 Retweets
1h Ago
RT @ThatTimWalker: Ken Clarke is right. 'The public can't understand what's going on with Brexit as nothing of what they're hearing about n…
0 Favorites 616 Retweets
RT @TheNewEuropean: You think Brexit is bad now? Just wait till it actually happens. @campbellclaret explains the disastrous consequences w…
0 Favorites 82 Retweets